The Best Smartphone Motorcycle Mount (for me)

What do you do when you're "Directionally Challenged" and need GPS to get around on your motorcycle? This is something I've been wrestling with for 5+ years. It's not that difficult, really. Moto GPS units have been around for decades and there are plenty of smartphone mounts to choose from if you prefer to use… Continue reading The Best Smartphone Motorcycle Mount (for me)

Review: Highway 21 Turbine Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

This is most definitely a budget jacket that I’m reluctant to say, I bought for its style. Riding in the heat of Austin, Texas requires a mesh jacket and compared to most others, the design is simple and classic with only the single leather vertical strip. Branding is minimal. 

The initial description indicates “CE Protection” but I bought it knowing full well that it would require an armor upgrade. The red flags are right in the description.