Keto Update


Two months ago, I took the plunge and changed to a Ketogenic diet. Here are my observations, so far.

  • You can find a Keto meal in most places – but not everywhere. Be sure to check the menu before you decide to eat out. My wife and I went to a really great place for dinner to celebrate our anniversary and there’s was barely anything that I could make work with my diet.
  • You have to keep things interesting. Sure, it’s great to have some go-to meals to prepare but you have to keep exploring new recipes or you will get bored.
  • Avocados are your friend.
  • I haven’t lost any weight, but I have lost inches. I had to buy new, smaller jeans and many of my favorite shirts now fit again. I’ve started intermittent fasting to see if that will help kick start things.
  • My endurance during CrossFit has been much improved. I’m able to complete most workouts without having to stop to catch my breath or deal with the usual stitch in my side (caused by irregular, intense breathing.).