My New Chromebook isn't a Chromebook, at all.

When my son started at his new school, he needed a conventional PC. After finding him a 2015 MacBook Air in perfect condition for a veritable steal on eBay, I adopted his Chromebook - a Dell Inspiron 3180 with an 11.6 inch screen, Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of eMMC… Continue reading My New Chromebook isn't a Chromebook, at all.

New Apple MacBooks are FireWire-less

The new MacBooks are out and as would be expected, they're beautiful and innovative. The uncommon glass screen and glass trackpad are stunning additions to the line. (Albeit a bit scary - make sure you have a good protective laptop case!) I have only one issue with these new machines: the "consumer" 13" MacBook doesn't… Continue reading New Apple MacBooks are FireWire-less

Stupid Corporate Policies: The Apple Store

I want an iPhone 3g. I haven't purchased one yet because the waiting time on "the iPhone line" at Apple retail stores is just more than I can invest on any given day. But the iPhone 3g doesn't represent the only bit of coin I intend to drop at The Apple Store: I'm also planning… Continue reading Stupid Corporate Policies: The Apple Store

Road Warrior Notes: Keep your lap cool with a MacBook Screen Protector

Yes, I know that the new MacBooks are supposed to have a recessed keyboard to protect the screen from being marred by dirt on the keyboard, but old habits die hard. Awhile back I purchased a Marware Protection Pack for my MacBook, primarily for the wrist protectors. (The original white MacBooks can get pretty gnarly… Continue reading Road Warrior Notes: Keep your lap cool with a MacBook Screen Protector

Optimal Drive Size, Place – and Time – for Time Machine?

So, a Genius at my local Apple Store recommended that the optimal external drive size for Time Machine should be 2 - 3x the size of my primary drive. My MacBook has a 160 GB drive of which I typically use about 70 to 100 GB, depending on how often I get to move my… Continue reading Optimal Drive Size, Place – and Time – for Time Machine?

“The Operation was a Success, Doctor.”

With all of the podcast production I've been doing, I was feeling cramped by the 60 GB hard drive in my MacBook. So, I took the plunge and bought a new, roomy 160 GB drive from Other World Computing. When it arrived last week, my friend Ed (a big ol' Mac and IT geek) came… Continue reading “The Operation was a Success, Doctor.”

Christmas Arrived Early: Alesis MultiMix FireWire 8 Mixer

One of my Christmas gifts arrived via courier yesterday: an Alesis MultiMix FireWire 8 Mixer. (Sshhh. Don't tell my Mom that I already opened it. She's funny that way...) 😉 Wow. What a difference. I was using a Behringer UB1202 mixer to record On Digital Media using the internal sound capture card on my MacBook.… Continue reading Christmas Arrived Early: Alesis MultiMix FireWire 8 Mixer