Notes from the Business of APIs Conference

These are pretty much my raw notes from the Business of API's Conference held on March 17th at the Yale Club in NYC. Send any corrections my way via email or in the comments. -jf. Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo! Developer Network Yahoo! Developer Network founded in February 2005 Initially focused on Search API's Why did YouTube… Continue reading Notes from the Business of APIs Conference

My Presentation from Podcamp Boston 2

A number of folks have asked if my presentation from Podcamp Boston would be available for download, so here it is as a PDF file.

Podcamp Boston 2: Day One

(Three double espressos to start the day. Niiiice...) Scott Monty from Crayon: Web 2.0 Tools You Can Use Scott begins his discussion around attention, information overload and the productivity impact. Data point: One percent of all time on the web is spent on FaceBook. Scott gives an overview of the features of what he considers… Continue reading Podcamp Boston 2: Day One

New Measurement for New Media

My presentation from Podcamp NYC has been posted. You can find it in Keynote and Quicktime formats. I pulled from earlier presentations, but I'm most happy with this one as I actually felt like I had enough time to present the concepts in their entirety. 😉 Thanks to all who attended - your contributions to… Continue reading New Measurement for New Media

Media Temple Grid Server Update: Too Little, Too Late

Media Temple has announced an update to their Grid Server hosting platform and has distributed the announcement to customers via email and on their blog. Lots of chatter about "improvements" in this post. With that in mind, yesterday I received multiple "Internal Server Errors" and my RSS feeds were unavailable for certain periods of the… Continue reading Media Temple Grid Server Update: Too Little, Too Late

Done! Moved sites to Media Temple

Media Temple recently announced their Grid Server hosting system. I was intrigued and when I saw their client list and then tested the service, I decided to pull the trigger. (I've been becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the availability and performance of Dreamhost.)Moving database-driven sites (WordPress) is a PITA, but it's finally done. So far, so… Continue reading Done! Moved sites to Media Temple

Maybe Bob would be better?

Paul Colligan has written one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. It starts with the title and gets better from there:IE7 Is As Much A Podcast Client As Is Microsoft BobUnfortunately, it appears to be as true as it is funny. Go read it for yourself.Technorati Tags: Audio, Audio Subscriptions, Computers,… Continue reading Maybe Bob would be better?