Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #4

The most recent episode of On Digital Media is now available:In this week’s episode, we discuss (not necessarily in order):• Electronic Arts makes deal to insert ads into games with Massive and IGA• Microsoft XNA Home Kit Available• Streaming media using iPod with Wi-Fi?• Dump your iPod, Mobile taking Over• Pontiac G5 advertised on Internet… Continue reading Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #4

IE7 with FeedBurner integration?

I think Piers over at PSFK may have had one drink too many while chatting with FeedBurner folks last night.;)IE7 will have RSS integration and that will most definitely increase RSS traffic 10x. It will also introduce Ray Ozzie's Simple Sharing Extensions.But FeedBurner integration? What exactly would that mean, anyway?Technorati Tags: PSFK, Microsoft, SSE, Ray… Continue reading IE7 with FeedBurner integration?

Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Steve Gillmor

After stepping down from his position on the board of AttentionTrust, Steve Gillmor has announced that his new company, GestureBank and Seth Goldstein's Root Markets, are working together on creating the Attention Operating System.The jointly owned company creating the Attention OS will be called AttentionSoft.Steve thinks that Ray Ozzie and Microsoft could jump into this… Continue reading Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Steve Gillmor

First thoughts on the MacBook

Yes, I pulled the trigger on a new MacBook.First impressions: Love it.I purchased the entry model with the 1.83 ghz Core Duo, a 60 GB hard drive and the Combo Drive. 60 GB of storage is a little tight these days, but I've made adjustments by moving my music and videos off the laptop drive… Continue reading First thoughts on the MacBook

Macs now do Windows. Officially.

For Apple's 30th birthday they released...Windows compatibility?Yep.Instead of the (commendable) open source workaround, Apple has released a beta of the tentatively titled "Boot Camp" that will enable the latest intel Macs to run Windows XP. I know they're trying to attract "switchers" but they've just given me the perfect reason to upgrade to a new… Continue reading Macs now do Windows. Officially.

MSN adCenter: Google AdWords Competitor

MSN adCenter Beta will be made available for select advertisers for three hours starting at 9a (EST? PST?) on Monday, 2/6.Pay only when people click your ads.Set your own price per click.See when your clicks lead to sales.Target your ads to the times, places, and customers you want the most.Use built-in tools to get keyword… Continue reading MSN adCenter: Google AdWords Competitor

MediaBay Raises $35MM

Mediabay has raised $35 million dollars to fund it's "digital distribution strategy." The company wants to shift it's business from mail oder sales and distribution of audiobooks and similar content to digital distribution which includes downloads and wireless delivery.Their platform will use Microsoft's DRM, the same one used by Napster's subscription service.

Adam Curry signed as Keynote at Gnomedex 5

Are you going? Only a total of 300 seats are available.The podcasting buzz gained traction with Gnomedex 4, with Adam listening to us as a distant observer. This year, we’re bringing him directly to you - up close and personal! Oh, you might remember him as the world’s first VJ for MTV - and the… Continue reading Adam Curry signed as Keynote at Gnomedex 5