Achieving Goals, Two at a Time

At the start of 2009, I committed to reading two books each week with the premise being that if I could do it for one full year, it would become an ongoing habit. Fuggedaboutit. I've just been too busy to keep up that pace. Even with the help of my Kindle, I've only been able… Continue reading Achieving Goals, Two at a Time

Music Royalties and the Future of Online Webcasting

Edison Media Research and BlogTalkRadio are throwing a little party.Well, OK. It's not a party, but a gathering of the finest minds of our time on the subject of music royalties and their effect on online radio, webcasting and podcasting.Entitled "Music Royalties and the Future of Online Webcasting: What the Webcaster Settlement Act means to… Continue reading Music Royalties and the Future of Online Webcasting

Google Reader Mobile in my workflow

I have a new workflow for producing On Digital Media (and keeping up with my feeds, in general): Google Reader on my mobile phone. Here's the deal: each week we comb blogs and news sites for relevant stories for a new episode. When we find an interesting story, we then tag it in (for:ondigitalmedia… Continue reading Google Reader Mobile in my workflow

New Podcast Workflow Challenge: Channel Separation

For simple, portable, one-on-one interview recording I'm using an Olympus DS-30 (on the highest quality setting) coupled with a stereo cardioid condenser mic from Giant Squid Audio Lab. I used this gear for my interview with Mike Shehan in Episode #32 of ODM. The double-headed mic allows me to record one voice on each channel,… Continue reading New Podcast Workflow Challenge: Channel Separation

On Digital Media: Official Podcamp NYC Sponsor

Check it out: On Digital Media is now an official Podcamp NYC sponsor. I'll also be doing my schtick on AxL. Come on down an and see us y'all. The whole ODM gang will be there. (I think. Still gotta check with Steve...) The event takes place on April 6th and 7th at The New… Continue reading On Digital Media: Official Podcamp NYC Sponsor

Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #14

In episode #14 of On Digital Media, Ken Gellman is traveling on business but Chia-Lin Simmons and John Federico are joined by Steve Hatch.* Email from Ken and his opinion on the launch of the Microsoft Zune* Microsoft will reward you for Zune song sharing* Zune not yet compatible with Vista, will be by January… Continue reading Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #14