Notes from the Business of APIs Conference

These are pretty much my raw notes from the Business of API's Conference held on March 17th at the Yale Club in NYC. Send any corrections my way via email or in the comments. -jf. Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo! Developer Network Yahoo! Developer Network founded in February 2005 Initially focused on Search API's Why did YouTube… Continue reading Notes from the Business of APIs Conference “Green Hosted”

While I was watching the Live Earth concert, I did wonder about all the power required to broadcast the HD signal, power the SMS promotions and even host the web sites and the impact that the event itself had on the environment. Given the message of the event, it was hard not to. While exploring… Continue reading “Green Hosted”

Real World Green

Eric Rochow, host and producer of, is now producing Real World Green, "an internet video show about practical things we can do to help lower our impact on the earth." The key word for me in that description is practical. I continually consume information about global warming, greenhouse gases and all the other buzzword-compliant… Continue reading Real World Green

“Ask Billy to do it when he gets home from school.”

Parents without the time or expertise to use the Internet are turning to kids age 8 to 14 for help, according to a Stars for Kidz survey, which found kids’ top online chores are: share pictures with relatives (38%), get movie listings (38%) and invitations and party planning (36%). Source: PR Newswire | 5.9.07 [via… Continue reading “Ask Billy to do it when he gets home from school.”

Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #38: The Tangent Show

For this episode we invited John Wall of The M Show and Marketing Over Coffee to join John Federico and Steve Hatch over Skype. (Thanks to Doug Kaye and the folks at GigaVox Media for The Levelator. Without it, this show would not have been possible…trust us.) In this episode, we yammer about: Google book… Continue reading Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #38: The Tangent Show

Because they need more room to play with their Wii

Americans age 55 and older will buy 1 in every 5 new homes in 2007 — $103 billion worth — according to National Association of Home Builders research. About 7% of those new homes will be bought in communities designed for the 55-plus crowd. Source: New Brunswick Home News Tribune | 3.22.07 [via Iconoculture]

Summer Camp: The Family Plan

The rise of family-inclusive programs is one of the biggest trends in summer camps, according to the American Camp Association. Demand is coming from the families themselves; parents juggling work and family see family camps as a way to spend time together “unplugged” and away from home. Source: Warren, RI Times Gazzette | 3.20.07 [via… Continue reading Summer Camp: The Family Plan