What I did on my Holiday Staycation, 2020 Edition

I'm very fortunate. I work for a company that closes down for the holidays, from December 25th to January 2nd. For me, this is a period of decompression. Not just because I have the time off from work, but because all of my colleagues do, as well. There's no pressure to check email every day… Continue reading What I did on my Holiday Staycation, 2020 Edition

How to Create Great Media at Conferences and Events

Conferences and other events can be great opportunities to connect with thought leaders in your industry and create buzz around your attendance while you're there. One way to do this is to capture audio and video interviews with influentials while you're there and post them in your blog, web site, podcast or on YouTube and… Continue reading How to Create Great Media at Conferences and Events

Do you change your avatar?

A little social media minutiae for you today. Lee Odden got me thinking about avatars. You know - those little images that represent you all over your social media profiles? Do you have a single image that represents you everywhere? Do you have different ones? Do you change them frequently? Let me pose a question… Continue reading Do you change your avatar?

Giz reviews the Kindle: Live with it, then judge it

People have been panning the Kindle, yet most of them don't own one - or for that matter, haven't even touched one yet. Well, Wilson Rothman over at Gizmodo has lived with the Kindle for the past four days - in bed, on a plane and yes, on the porcelain throne. His verdict, so far?… Continue reading Giz reviews the Kindle: Live with it, then judge it

Google Reader Mobile in my workflow

I have a new workflow for producing On Digital Media (and keeping up with my feeds, in general): Google Reader on my mobile phone. Here's the deal: each week we comb blogs and news sites for relevant stories for a new episode. When we find an interesting story, we then tag it in del.icio.us (for:ondigitalmedia… Continue reading Google Reader Mobile in my workflow

Amazon Kindle Roundup

A roundup of Kindle news, for those of you keeping track. Guy Kawasaki: Amazon Announced Kindle "Summary: If you want something that requires very little attention that will deliver your favorite newspapers, magazine, and blogs, you should definitely check out Kindle. Having reference books and documents handy is also quite valuable. Reading electronic versions of… Continue reading Amazon Kindle Roundup