MG Siegler:

My single biggest takeaway from SXSW was all the talk about battery life. Every single person. All the time. People changing plans because they needed to recharge their phones. People walking around with chargers. People who were chargers. Mophies galore. People uninstalling apps that would drain power. People putting phones into airplane mode in areas of weak signal. People borrowing other phones so they didn’t have to waste the power on their phone.

This is the way I live my life, almost every day, with the iPhone 4S but I don’t use a Mophie Juice Pack or any of its brethren.

I got a Zagg Sparq last year – an external battery with two USB ports – for two reasons:


  1. I can charge anything with a USB port, not just my iPhone. In fact, the Sparq even comes with an “optimized” port for charging the iPad (up to 60% on the iPad 2. I’m sure much less on the new iPad.)
  2. I prefer a “naked” iPhone. I store it in a leather iPhone wallet that I found on Etsy from seller “Tuchmade.” It rocks.


The downside: The Sparq is bigger, fatter and heavier than two iPhones.

I’ve even considered getting a second one (or perhaps try a different model from another company) as I’m finding that I can kill a fresh iPhone battery and a fully charged Sparq in a single (albeit long) day, especially in NYC.

So, all the weight that I’ve “lost” in my gear bag by getting a MacBook Air is now being replaced by spare batteries for my iPhone. There’s something very wrong with that.

[Power: MG Siegler]