Live HD TV on Your Boxee Box

Starting in January, you’ll be able to watch live HD TV on your Boxee Box using a new USB dongle from the company.

Announced today, the device will cost $49 and will enable you to view live HD channels from your local broadcasters – ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX with no monthly fee as these are over-the-air (OTA) HD channels produced for your local market.

While this is certainly a nice add-on for those people who don’t want to wait for their favorite shows to arrive on Vudu/Hulu/Netflix or other on-demand channels, Team Boxee is positioning this as an alternative to your cable subscription. (“Is it really worth $85 a month?”)

While that’s certainly a valid question, with only small exceptions most of the television that we watch in our house isn’t available OTA. (Keep in mind, I have nine-year-old. Kids change the equation…)

Plus, Boxee doesn’t provide DVR functionality for these OTA HD channels. Even though there’s one show on ABC that we watch consistently in our house, we certainly don’t schedule our day around it in order to watch it live – we watch it from the DVR.

With all that said, if you’re a Boxee fan and an avid cord-cutter but still miss your live sports or other network shows, then this device is for you.

The Boxee Live TV dongle is $49 and will ship in January. You can pre-order one now directly from Boxee.

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