An iPhone SLR Mount is here – and it’s no joke

I’ve often said that the best camera I own is my iPhone 4 except for the fact that it lacks an optical zoom lens. But I don’t want an SLR. The size, weight and cost make this class of camera an unattractive option for me.

Now, it looks like I can have the best of both worlds. Sort of.

Photojojo has released their iPhone SLR Mount for use with Nikon or Canon EOS lenses allowing you to add not only a simple optical zoom, but enabling you to take your photos to an entirely new level.

For instance, you can now do some very interesting things with Depth of Field that you could never do with the iPhone alone – at least not without Instagram filters or Tiltshift-style apps.

And just think about what this will do for shooting video! I’m getting more excited by the minute…

The solid aluminum case has two tripod adapters allowing you to mount your phone in portrait or landscape mode. Here’s an example using a Gorillapod flexible tripod.

I can see how the Gorillapod might be the best choice for a tripod solution as it provides infinite adjustability, allowing you to position the camera to get the perfect shot. Given the weight of some lenses, standard consumer tripods might actually be more difficult to work with.

My wife already shoots with a Nikon D70S, which means that I have myriad lenses to use with this contraption without having to spend additional money on glass.

The only downside?

Apple will most certainly be releasing a new iPhone in the Fall of this year and if some rumors are to be believed, the phone will have an entirely new form factor, making this solution obsolete.

I experienced this with my OWLE Bubo. The original Bubo is cut from a solid piece of aluminum specifically for the iPhone 3GS and is now a useless (but interesting) paperweight for me since I upgraded to the iPhone 4.

So, for now, I’ll wait and see what’s released before I hit the buy button on this piece of kit. But that doesn’t mean that you should. $190 will get you in the game.

[iPhone SLR Mount from Photojojo]