Satarii Star: Like having a camera operator in your pocket

So, you’re one of those people who likes to shoot video of yourself and post it to YouTube or maybe your blog. Or, you might be producing video interviews with clients of your company. Or, maybe you’re a journalist without a camera man. Or, maybe you want to use FaceTime on your iPhone 4 while you’re moving about the kitchen.

Ok. Maybe you don’t fit into any of these profiles but like many of us, you’ve probably grown tired of having a camera with a fixed location and the confinement it requires in order to get a good shot on your pocket video camera.

If you own an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Flip, Kodak Zi8, Android phone or (insert video recording gadget here) then you’ll love this product from startup Satarii. (Keep reading to see it in action)

It’s a simple yet amazing piece of kit that works like this:

  • Attach the “Marker” to your shirt or hold it in your hand
  • Put your pocket video camera into the base and press record
  • As you move, the Satarri Star will track you everywhere you go by rotating the base and panning the camera left to right, up to 180 degrees.

All this magic is made possible by the Marker. Inside the base of the Satarri Star is a sensor that precisely follows the Marker – and whatever may be attached to it. That means you can hold it in your hand so that when you point to something, the camera automatically moves to capture whatever you may be highlighting.

For example, during a presentation the camera can be directed to your slides or to a whiteboard. Another example could be video interviews. Hold the Marker in the same hand as your handheld microphone and the camera will track with the mic to your interview subject.

It’s this last example in which I’m most interested. If the Marker were also a Bluetooth microphone, this would be perfect for media production. In my mind, it’s an absolute necessity for this use case – I can’t attach external audio gear to the camera and expect that the Satarri Star base will rotate properly with the added resistance from wires or other gear. 

Brian from Satarri has indicated that this is something they’re investigating and I hope it appears in the first version of the product.

The Satarri Star is an IndieGoGo crowdfunded project. I’ve already committed my money, time and experience toward the project’s success and I hope you will to. Go do it now.