Delicious for the Twitter Era

I’m as nostalgic about the “sunsetting” of Delicious as anyone. Delicious was a staple for me back in the early 00’s when I used it as a way to share links with my friends, post the links I found to my blog and even do show prep for my digital media podcast.

So what happened?


Sharing links via Twitter  is just so much more natural for me and with social syndication services like FriendFeed,, etc. links were easily shareable everywhere – except Delicious. As a result, I simply just stopped using Delicious. That said, there’s one aspect of Delicious that I miss: a searchable database of all the links that I share.

But no longer, thanks to

Connect to Twitter or Facebook and it will automatically grab those tweets or status updates that you share that contain links and save them for you on in your account. For those of you who are packign up and leaving Delicious for greener pastures, there’s even a way to import your delicious bookmarks.

From there, finding something you’ve shared is as easy as typing it into the search box.

Search is a bit slow right now, but it works. This is most likely due to the number of new accounts and link indexing that is performing at the moment. My guess is that it will improve over time.


2 thoughts on “ Delicious for the Twitter Era”

  1. Thanks for this great review – sorry it's taken us a while to get around to blogs and comment, but we really appreciate it.If you're following along, you'll know we've launched several new connectors now into new networks and have a whole new server infrastructure which makes the site much faster, so hopefully that search speed issue is resolved.If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to email me, more than happy to answer them if you'd like to do an update post for your readers.Cheers,Tim


  2. Thanks for checking-in, has been working great for me. I'll be sure to check out the new connectors.-jf.


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