How to Upgrade to an iPhone 3G S for $199

My wife has been reluctant to get a smartphone – I think she can sometimes be intimidated by technology. Over the past year I ‘ve been guiding her toward an iPhone – it’s consumer friendly, even for those who aren’t technically inclined. Still, she wasn’t ready to get one.

Today, out of the blue, she called and said, “Honey, I want to go to the Apple Store and buy an iPhone today.” I have no idea why she had the sudden change of heart, but I informed that there would be a new one released soon and that we should pre-order it.

I jumped on the AT&T Wireless site and ordered an iPhone 3G S for the lovely price of $199. I opted to pick it up at a local store so they’ll tell me when and where to go. When it arrives I’ll swap the SIM cards and voila! – new iPhone 3G S for me! 😉 

Apple better damn well make good on their claim of “better battery life.”

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