But how do you Google them?

Merlin Mann commented (via Jason Kottke) about a designer who integrated notebooks into his workflow – 85 notebooks throughout 26 years of work.

I save all of my notebooks, too. Since I began integrating journals into my workflow (probably about 10 years ago) I have a library of about 20 of them. My biggest complaint is about indexing and finding stuff in them.

Now that I have a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, finding stuff is no longer a problem. My journals are completely searchable. (Even with my child-like penmanship…)

Here’s a screen capture of one of my Livescribe journal pages from the Livescribe Desktop software. I searched for the name of my congressman (Donald Payne) whose staff was enormously helpful in expediting the renewal of my passport for an international business trip. Note the highlight of the word “Congressman” which was my search term.

I wish I could do the same with all of my old Moleskine notebooks. Perhaps I’ll have them professionally scanned and imported into Evernote? Doubtful, but it could be an interesting solution to searching old notebooks. Evernote is great at recognizing characters within handwritten notes.

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  1. Hi guys,I’ve been using the pen for a while now – i love it! I’m a college student with a bioengineering major and use the pen for all my engineering classes. Studying really is a breeze with it. I just re-listen to the parts I was hazy on/my notes weren’t as clear. I also share my notes with a lot of friends using their "Livescribe Online" feature so they can take advantage of my notes along with the synced audio.Let me know if you guys have any questions!Also, I used the discount code PULSE5A10 when I bought the pen at http://www.livescribe.comKalkalpit210@gmail.com


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