New Apple MacBooks are FireWire-less

The new MacBooks are out and as would be expected, they’re beautiful and innovative. The uncommon glass screen and glass trackpad are stunning additions to the line. (Albeit a bit scary – make sure you have a good protective laptop case!)

I have only one issue with these new machines: the “consumer” 13″ MacBook doesn’t have a FireWire port.

So, for those of us who have invested in FireWire peripherals over the years, we’re hosed. We can either keep using the machines we have (which is fine for me, I just bought a new BlackBook in July) or, if we want to remain completely mobile, upgrade to a 15″ MacBook Pro.

I love the MacBook Pro machines but I don’t own one for two simple reasons: size and weight. When you travel, every inch and every ounce counts and the 15″ MacBook Pro is just bigger than I need or want.

When I eventually upgrade, I will likely end up buying two machines: a 13″ MacBook (or MacBook Air) for everyday use and a Mac mini, so I can use all of my FireWire gear, such as my Alesis MultiMix 8 that I use for audio recording.

Luckily, the bus-powered pocket FireWire drive that I use for Time Machine has a dual-interface that includes USB 2.0.