Stupid Corporate Policies: The Apple Store

I want an iPhone 3g.

I haven’t purchased one yet because the waiting time on “the iPhone line” at Apple retail stores is just more than I can invest on any given day.

But the iPhone 3g doesn’t represent the only bit of coin I intend to drop at The Apple Store: I’m also planning to get a new MacBook as my first generation machine is showing its age after nearly 3 years.

My “CFO” (A.K.A. “My Management“; A.K.A. My Wife) suggested that I wait until after our summer vacation to get my new MacBook. OK. Fine.

Then I had an idea: if I bought a new BlackBook now (a top-of-the-line black MacBook), couldn’t I also purchase and activate an iPhone 3g (a top-of-the-line, 16 GB white iPhone 3g) at the same time? What self-respecting, capitalist, cash-motivated store manager wouldn’t want that, right?

An Apple Store Manager.

A “Genius” at the Apple Store in Soho told me, “that’s the official policy.”

Now, I understand managers at Apple retail stores need to keep the line-sitting iPhone fanboys/girls happy and motivated – these customers don’t want to watch someone walking out of the store with a new iPhone 3g after only a few minutes while they’ve waited for hours to get their hands on their precious iPhone.

That said, I’m offering to accelerate my purchase of a new piece of Apple hardware just so that I can purchase still more Apple hardware.


Put another way: I’m offering to spend more money at an Apple Store, so that I can have the privilege of spending money at an Apple Store.

Is it just me or is that a freakin’ crazy policy? Can anyone else confirm this is the “official” policy?

UPDATE: I’ve received a few comments/questions from some folks on my little rant. (Thanks. Why not just post them in the comments next time?) 😉

1) Where do you draw the line in terms of price point?

Sure, this makes sense. Someone buying a $20 iPod case can make an argument that they’re also spending additional money at the store and they’d like to check out at all at once.

Answer: turn it into a new Mac promotion! You then have two lines outside the Apple store: the iPhone line and the iPhone + Mac line. “This line is for customers purchasing a new Macintosh with their iPhone 3g.” I’d bet that you’d sell a lot of Macs that way!

2) What about returns? What’s to stop someone from buying a Mac + iPhone on a credit card, then returning the computer the next day?

This is a tough one. Maybe a restocking fee? (I despise restocking fees, but it could be one of the Terms & Conditions of the above “promotion.”)

1 thought on “Stupid Corporate Policies: The Apple Store”

  1. what you are suggesting is simply ridiculous.what would be the minimum purchase necessary to jump the line? what if i buy a mac mini, or a touch? what would stop me from purchasing a machine and returning it a few days later just to avoid the iphone line.


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