Hear This: On Digital Media #57: Bumpy

Show notes and audio here.

[tags]Online Advertising, Advertising, John Federico, Ken Gellman, Chia-Lin Simmons, Steve Hatch, Wine, Digital Media, On Digital Media, Podcast, Podcasting, Digital Audio, Downloads, Media, Traditional Media, Big Media, Google, Google Android, iPhone, Apple, Alexander Blu, FaceBook, iTunes, Amazon MP3 Store, Last.fm, CBS, WPP, Integrated Media Measurement, Investments, VC, Venture Capital, Journey, Music, Spiral Frog, Yahoo, New York Times, NYT, NY Times, John Ellis, John Battelle, Google.org, RealClear Markets, Federated Media, Arbitron, Portable People Meter, Media Measurement, Craig Calder, Yovia, Web 2.0 NY, Web 2.0 Conference, Rock Band, Harmonix, XBox Live Marketplace, Verizon Wireless Open Developers Conference, YouTube, Jobs, Careers, Career Development[/tags]

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