Giz reviews the Kindle: Live with it, then judge it

People have been panning the Kindle, yet most of them don’t own one – or for that matter, haven’t even touched one yet.

Well, Wilson Rothman over at Gizmodo has lived with the Kindle for the past four days – in bed, on a plane and yes, on the porcelain throne. His verdict, so far? Thumbs up.

“Having lived with the Kindle, I can say that it serves most of my immediate reading needs. As a guy who enjoys amassing a vast library of books and displaying them in bookcases, I am a little frightened of the future, but inevitability is the name of the game, and fear of change isn’t a good enough excuse. Will I continue to buy books or will I jump into Amazon book buying mode? That remains to be seen, but you, o early adopter, should not share my fears. The Kindle is a quality invention, and I can see why the first batch sold out so fast.”

My Kindle is supposed to arrive on November 28th. We’ll see if I feel the same as Wilson after a few days. I may not, but at least I’ll be able to make an informed decision unlike most “reviewers” of the past few days.

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