Google Reader Mobile in my workflow

I have a new workflow for producing On Digital Media (and keeping up with my feeds, in general): Google Reader on my mobile phone.

Here’s the deal: each week we comb blogs and news sites for relevant stories for a new episode. When we find an interesting story, we then tag it in (for:ondigitalmedia – Feel free to tag stories for the show). On the night that we record an episode, we create a story list based on the contents of the feed.

For me, the challenge has been to find the time to catch up on all my reading. So now, I use Google Reader Mobile while I’m on the train.

Here’s the addition to the workflow: If I find something interesting and relevant as I’m reading on my phone, I’ll “star” it. When I return to my desktop, I’ll then tag it for and remove the star from the item until the “Starred Items” list is empty.

This simple addition has enabled me to achieve the equivalent of “Inbox Zero” in my feed list – something I never thought possible to accomplish on a regular basis.

Thanks to Mr. Hatch for the tip.

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