Podcamp Boston 2: Day Two

(Damn. I arrived late for Dan York’s session on using VOIP/Skype. I thought it was later in the day.)

The woman behind me has one of those ginormous Dell XPS gaming laptops with a full size keyboard. It weighs a ton.

Dan is covering the basics of Skype, a Mix Minus (which I REALLY need to figure out now that Chia-Lin is on the west coast) and using Skype to dial into the PSTN. (Public Service Telephone Network)

Skype conference call quality is VERY dependent upon the host computer and the host internet connection. That explains why Skype works so well in Studio 1A: my MacBook and my FiOS connection.

Dan is now discussing conference bridge services for podcasters: blogtalkradio, FreeConference, TalkShoe. (I’m a big fan of TalkShoe. They’ve been doing this stuff a long time and have evolved it into a high quality service. The others are good too, BTW.)

Dan recommends the Podcast Academy forums on audio recording and Paul Figgiani (the moderator) as a great resource.

Is Podcasting a Revolution?

David Maister is speaking! (I just happen to have my copy of The Trusted Advisor – I’m reading it for the third time. I’ve got to ask him to autograph it.) He’s joined by Julien Smith and

350,000 downloads of David’s podcast have occurred this year. Probably a million by the end of the year.

David gets a lot of requests for his books in audio which he attributes to the success of his podcast.

Podcasting has created a totally different audience for David.

Podcasting has a high ROI and real, human way to engage an audience, though he doesn’t see many people making them truly interactive – it’s still pretty much a linear medium.

David makes the blog the destination site for comments which he promotes in the podcast.

“It’s not about being right, you’ve actually got to help.” Even if you despise people, you have to learn how to earn people’s trust. It’s not how good you are, it’s about whether or not they feel you a re looking out for them.

David just introduced his wife, Cathy. and her podcast. “Friendship skills” are very important. According to David, their social life is based on people wanting to invite Cathy back. 😉

It’s like romance: Do you want to build relationships or have a series of one night stands?

Question from the Audience: What kind of advice would you give someone who is just now establishing himself in the market and build these critical relationships?

The biggest shot you’ve got of getting anyone to refer you is get people to say, “This person really takes care of you.

The minute you meet someone, start trying to help them.

“How do you get into the flow of the best business? Are you putting out things into the market that make people say, “This is smart stuff. I haven’t thought of it that way before.”

(Lunch! Clam Chowda, fish and chips, followed by a double espresso. Rockin’.)

Jeff Pulver on Being a Serial Entrepreneur

I couldn’t blog this in real-time because I couldn’t get a seat! I’ll repost some of my tweets later.

Jeff is an inspiration and a real mensch. (Hey, I from New York. I know that that means…) 😉

4 thoughts on “Podcamp Boston 2: Day Two”

  1. Yes, David was great. I’ve read his books and listened to early episodes of his podcast, but never saw him live.He’s incredibly smart and very funny.


  2. Thanks, Julien.I received an advance copy of Strategy & The Fat Smoker from Chris Brogan while I was at Podcamp Boston. It’s next on my reading list.


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