Looking for a BlackBerry Hack

What do you do when your company doesn’t (and probably won’t) have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and you want to keep your email and meeting requests sync’d in real-time?

During my vacation between gigs, I bought a BlackBerry 8830. I made the (poor) assumption that my new employer would have a BES as many of the people with whom I’d met had BlackBerries.

Additionally, I (mistakenly) thought that BlackBerry Internet Server would recognize the changes made to my inbox on both my desktop mail client and my BlackBerry and keep them in sync. Nope. Verizon instructed me that BIS only delivers a COPY of the mail message. (That paradigm still doesn’t really make sense to me. But anyway…)

I guess I could use the BlackBerry Desktop Redirector, but that would require me to run a Windoze machine at the office or at home. However, that won’t sync my tasks nor my address book over-the-air, either.

Any ideas, oh great and knowing blogosphere? My Treo 700P is starting look attractive lately

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