Observed Behavior Change: My Podcast Consumption

When I started listening to podcasts, I was an independent consultant traveling to and from clients, mostly by car. I rarely used the headphones on my iPod as it was almost always plugged into my car stereo. When I started working at Audible in their Wayne, NJ offices, that behavior continued.

When Audible moved to Newark, I started taking the train to work. That’s when I noticed a marked difference in my podcast consumption. My total commuting time was only about 25 minutes – barely enough time to get into, say, Marketing Over Coffee or a presentation from IT Conversations. Since commuting didn’t require me to keep my eyes on the road anymore, I also started reading books during my commute.

Now, I work in New York City and take the train to Penn Station – it’s a 35 minute trip. So far, I’m alternating my media between a book + music (it drowns out the chatter on the train and helps me concentrate on my reading) or podcasts. That said, I still don’t have nearly the listening time that I used to, which is disappointing. It almost makes me look forward to mowing the lawn, so I can sneak in a few more podcasts.

1 thought on “Observed Behavior Change: My Podcast Consumption”

  1. i notice different podcasting listening habits in myself too – think it comes w/ the territory for those of us involved very early – were active not passive…some podcasts require focus so driving and commuting while only listening to them is best so you can take it all in – some are fine while doing other things, like reading, doing emails on blackberry or hiking…the duration of them is key too, i create special playlists when i know i have a long drive or flight ahead so i can roll from one to the next, i even save favorites for a pending trip so i have something to look forward to even if my plane is delayed – sounds sick but it helps knowing they’re there…


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