Hear This: On Digital Media, Episode #39

In this episode John Federico, Chia-Lin Simmons and Steve Hatch discuss:

  • Wine! We’re learning how to rate our wine on the 100-point scale. Thanks to Cork’d for the how-to. Vist Cork’d and add us as your “drinking buddies.”
  • NBC wants noon to 2pm to be your new Prime Time with TheLunchBreakShow.com
  • Chia-Lin has determined that John is a Phone Ho. John declines to respond. 😉
  • It’s rumored that Apple will launch video rentals via the iTunes Store this fall. So, “DRM is Dead”, but only for content that you own?
  • Steve thinks the concepts of content “rental” and “on-demand” content will be blurred in the very near future. It will all come down to available bandwidth and the ability to deliver hi-def content without latency. Apple’s”video rental” is just a stepping stone to true video on-demand.
  • Want to develop for the iPhone? It’s all Web 2.0!
  • Steve thinks YouTube videos will likely be rendered in Quicktime for playback on the iPhone
  • Chia-Lin is no longer “One Gadget Girl”
  • We love the FaceBook OS. There. We said it again. But John still wants to know how they’re going to monetize it.
  • Six million FaceBook users have embedded the iLike application in their FaceBook profile and more than 300,000 users per day are adding it.
  • Steve thinks that LinkedIn should be looking over its proverbial shoulder…at FaceBook. John thinks that Steve hasn’t really thought through the value proposition that each social network provides. (and doesn’t provide)
  • Marketers are realizing that they can use tags to start targeting advertising, particularly display ads. Chia-Lin thinks that the results could be better than search marketing. Steve doesn’t think it will be as effective as the rigor that AdWords requires.
  • Google pushes Google Checkout on eBay vendors….and eBay pushes back. Hard.

Our wine this week is our old standby, the 2004 Coppola Rosso along with a 2005 Oak Grove Zinfandel.

Our closing music is Democracy from Alexander Blu.

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