Skype Needs the Right Gear to be Effective

Like many people, I’ve had a Skype account that I’ve used occasionally for Mac-to-PC calls and almost always with an IOGear Bluetooth Headset. The quality was OK, but I never would have used it for SkypeOut or for any serious phone conversations. (It’s been great for calling home from the UK, though.)

I always thought that Skype itself was the weak link in the communications chain. This week, I learned that my thinking was flawed.

I (along with nearly all of the ODM crew) recently purchased a Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 with the thinking that it would be used for remote podcast interviews. However, I’ve found the quality so good that I’ve been using it with SkypeOut and the quality has been exceptional – even better than, say, Vonage service that I’ve used in the past. (Of course, my FiOS connection could also have something to do with it…)

Using SkypeOut really is like adding another phone line, but only if you have good equipment. If you’ve had poor or mixed experiences with it, try adding a decent headset mic. You may be as surprised as I was.

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