Palm Foleo

Palm’s Jeff Hawkins unveiled the Foleo today at the D5 conference. Billed as a “Mobile Companion,” the Foleo connects to your Palm smartphone and allows you to read and respond to email, view and edit documents and view photos and videos on its “large” 10-inch wide screen. It’ll be priced at $499 (after $100 rebate).

I’m not sure how I feel about this concept. I have a 13-inch MacBook which doesn’t weigh all that much as far as notebooks go, and provides me with a full computing experience. How often would I carry around ONLY a smartphone and a Foleo?

Here’s an idea, Jeff: how about you make a Treo that isn’t as heavy nor as thick as my MacBook? Maybe, the size of a Blackberry 8800. Get on that, will ya? Then come talk to me about your “Mobile Companion.”

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