National Society of Arts and Letters Competition Today in Tempe, AZ

Today, there will be an awards ceremony for The National Society of Arts and Letters 2007 National Career Awards Competition in the Visual Arts, specifically Water-based Media on Paper. The ceremony will be held in Tempe, AZ and all entries will be displayed in the brand new Tempe Center for the Arts.

I don’t typically follow these competitions but this year’s has special meaning.

When I lost my brother, Anthony, in a car accident a few years back, we asked friends and family to make a donation to the NSAL in his name instead of sending flowers and the like. My brother was a graphic artist and we felt it was an appropriate way for people to express their condolences for our family while giving back to his community of peers.

Those donations will be presented as an award at this year’s NSAL competition. My mom will be there to present the award on my brother’s behalf. She’s going to call tomorrow to tell me the name of the winner, which I will post here.

UPDATE: Hal Anderson of Kansas City was awarded a $5,000 scholarship in the name of Anthony Federico for his submission. Congratulations, Hal.

Mom told me that she wanted to go alone, but now I regret not being there. She’s a strong person but I can only imagine how emotional this will be for her. Thankfully, she’s not alone – my aunt is with her – but I’m sure she would have preferred to have one of her sons with her.

Thanks to everyone who contributed on my brother’s behalf – my family truly appreciates it. I would imagine it will be appreciated by the award recipient and I can only speculate that it would have been appreciated by my brother.

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