Hang with us at Podcamp NYC tomorrow!

The entire crew from On Digital Media will be at Podcamp NYC this Saturday, April 7th. We’re a platinum sponsor and will have a table in the exhibitor area. Of course, you probably won’t find us there (unless we’re charging our gadgets) ‘cuz we’ll be participating in all the great sessions that are happening and meeting as many people as we can.

Chia-Lin is giving a talk on Podcasting and Wireless at 9 AM in Chelsea B and  I’m doing a talk on AxL at 4p in Murray Hill.

Of course, we’ll all be at the Slate party after the event.

For a great guide to the event, check out Christopher Penn’s Unofficial Guide to Podcamp NYC. You can download the PDF and print it before you head off to The New Yorker Hotel.

If you want to connect, add me as a twitter friend (gadgetboy) and just reach out while you’re there.

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