Treo Antenna Transplant

Lots of technology transplants in my life this week. First the hard drive upgrade on my MacBook and now, my Treo 700p.


I’m envious of only one feature of the new Treo 680: Palm decided to do away with that fugly antenna and created a much cleaner, comfortable device.

Now, thanks to an entrepreneurial Treo user named Tomer Litvin, I will have the Treo 680 form factor on my 700p. Sort of.

The “short replacement Treo antenna” reduces the size of your antenna to the bare minimum and although I haven’t used one yet, people who’ve been polled by have indicated little to no signal reduction. The manufacturer is so confident of your satisfaction that he’s provided a 30-day money back guarantee.

I ordered mine yesterday direct from the manufacturer. ( was out of stock.) I hope to have it before the weekend so I can report back on its viability during that time. Stay tuned…

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