7 thoughts on “GTD “Paperless” Hack”

  1. Hi, This is a really neat idea!I think you could even further streamline the process though… (NOTE: I haven’t tried this!) Save the automator action as an applescript.Create a new rule in mail.app (Assuming you are using it) by going to Mail > Preferences > Rules. Tell it to look for emails from jconnect and then to run the applescript you saved earlier.Someone want to try this out? I think it would work… (But a fax to a us number would be international for me and very expensive.)


  2. Hi, Greg.Good idea – thanks!I can give this a try in Entourage and see how it works.Of course if you wanted to try it, you could just change the extension of any TIF file from “.tif” to “.jfx” and give it a try yourself in Apple Mail.Regards,-jf.


  3. John,You know how much I “love” the fax machine and here you promote another use for this wretched machine. Just what the world needs 😉 You’re propagating evil. As I’ve said on a few occasions… http://www.hatch.org/blog/2002/12/30/fax_machines_are_evil.phphttp://www.hatch.org/blog/2003/12/31/retire_the_retched_fax_machine.phpHowever, why not take this idea up to the 21st century and use a 2+ mega-pixel camera phone (i.e. your Treo) then either email or SMS the document image to yourself? Same idea, one device (that isn’t a fax machine). Best,Steve


  4. Steve,The camera phone concept doesn’t work all that well – it barely works for capturing the text of white boards. Individual paper documents would be completely illegible using that method – not to mention the fact that it would take forever to capture a multi-page document.And about that “evil” thing…Unlike people who are still using faxes to turn paper-to-digital-to-paper again on the other side, I’m promoting this hack to help rid the world of paper. You should be thanking me.;)-jf.


  5. I love this tip. I don’t have a scanner, but just read the article for fun. Yeaha I am a numba . I just got a mac and I am looking at all the cool programs that it comes with, automator sounds like something that could save me alot of time I have never seen a ultitly like that on windows. The whole fax idea was pretty good you guys at lifehacker keep up with the good tips and this might just be my favorit computer fan site other then digg


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