Microsoft Files Patent Application for RSS

Pathetic. Don’t they think that the entire Internet community is going to do their damnedest to demonstrate prior art? What about all the work that Dave Winer and others have put into RSS? What about ATOM?

Read the application here. [via TechMeme]

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Files Patent Application for RSS”

  1. The program manager of Microsoft’s RSS efforts (Sean Lyndersay) has said in his blog that such fears are unfounded, and that Microsoft is always looking for an open and reasonable relationship with the RSS community.However, see the claims below:1) “A system comprising: one or more computer-readable media; computer-readable instructions on the one or more computer-readable media which, when executed, implement: an RSS platform that is configured to receive and process RSS data in one or more formats; and code means configured to enable different types of applications to access RSS data that has been received and processed by the RSS platform.”2) “A computer-implemented method comprising: presenting a user interface having a subscription control to enable a user to subscribe to a feed; receiving, via the user interface, a user selection of the subscription control; and responsive to receiving the user’s selection, initiating a feed subscription process.”The denial does not seem to be too convincing!Thanks,IntellectualVillage.com


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