GarageBand Mystery Solved, thanks to Chris Breen and the iLifeZone

Until very recently, I was using Audio Hijack Pro to record my podcast. I would select CD quality as my output file which in the case of Audio Hijack is an uncompressed AIFF file.

When I attempted to import the file directly into GarageBand to add music, credits, disclaimers, etc., the audio would play sloooooowwwwwly. I couldn’t understand why. Some of my co-workers in the audio production department at Audible suggested that it might have been a problem with the way the application wrote the headers on the files. Subsequently, I would convert the AIFF file to WAV and upon import into GarageBand, the WAV file would play just fine.

While listening to Episode #18 of the iLifeZone, Chris Breen (of MacWorld and PlayList magazine fame) “turned up the geek knob” (his words) and explained the problem, although in a different context:

I was recording at a 48 kHz sample rate. GarageBand expects a sample rate 44.1 kHz and more importantly, it’s not designed to downsample the file in order to play it back properly.

Who woulda thunk it?


Now I’ll know what to do when it happens in the future. Thanks to the iLifeZone gang for the solution.

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