Media Temple Grid Server Update: Too Little, Too Late

Media Temple has announced an update to their Grid Server hosting platform and has distributed the announcement to customers via email and on their blog.

Lots of chatter about “improvements” in this post. With that in mind, yesterday I received multiple “Internal Server Errors” and my RSS feeds were unavailable for certain periods of the day. This is just unacceptable. I’m not looking for enterprise-class hosting, just something stable and reasonably priced.

Sorry guys, but I’m moving on.

A Small Orange appears to offer inexpensive hosting plans with reasonable expectations. What I particularly like is their AOExtreme service.

It’s file hosting. That’s it. Nothing else.

It’s great for podcasting or other media-intensive hosting in that I can get a “Small” or “Medium” hosting plan for my blog and podcast sites, but host my audio files using a “Fast,” “Faster” or “Extreme” AOExtreme plan.

Here’s the rationale, from their product page:

Q: What’s the catch?

A: ASOextreme is for file hosting only. This means no scripting languages, no email service, and no control panel. By removing these items, resource usage drops dramatically and we’re able to pass these cost savings on to you. We have also obtained special bandwidth pricing for these servers, meaning we can offer even more bandwidth for less cost. You still get the same great A Small Orange support coverage and the same high quality hosting you’ve come to expect from us, but at a lower cost.

I’ve already moved this blog to A Small Orange and once I get the podcast moved, I’ll post my experiences here.

Thanks to Ross at The Host Guru for the pointer.

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