Texting: 1; Internet: 0

My primary email address was partially crippled today. It was my fault: I tweaked the settings on my spam filter which resulted in a bunch of false positives, which in turn resulted in a bunch of bounced inbound mail.

To top it off, my web host was down. Again. So, reaching me via my web sites wouldn’t work either. What ultimately worked? SMS. People were able to reach me by texting me on my cell phone to tell me that my server was bouncing mail.

Lots of people ask me why I need so many bits of technology to stay connected. (cell phone, one-number service, office phone, home office phone, SMS, email, skype, aim, gizmo…) Today’s experience was the perfect answer to that question.

Now, if Media Temple can just get their act together and keep my web sites up, I’d be a happy camper.

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2 thoughts on “Texting: 1; Internet: 0”

  1. Thanks, Ross.I’m thinking about moving to Pair as I’ve heard great things about them from a number of people on the WWWAC list.That said, I’m a sucker for good design and a strongly architected brand, so I may investigate A Small Orange.;)-jf.


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