I’m not worshipping at the Media Temple, at the moment

I recently switched from Dreamhost to Media Temple’s “Grid Server” system as I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor uptime and performance at Dreamhost.

Media Temple received a positive write up on TechCrunch and the premise behind it seemed sound – a cluster of machines hosting groups of web sites, rather than the traditional shared hosting model. So, after some due diligence, I jumped in with both feet.

After much consternation, I moved both of my WordPress-based sites to Media Temple and was quite relieved when I got everything working properly and all the DNS changes had propagated.

That said, since switching over about a month ago, I’ve seen more outages on Media Temple than I did on Dreamhost. (Mostly database connectivity issues.)

C’mon guys – are you going to get the Grid Server working right at some point? I really don’t feel like moving my sites again, but I will if I must.

Mosso offers a similar system, but it’s $100/month and targeted toward hosting resellers.

All I want is reliable hosting for my blog and podcast without spending a fortune. (These are side projects, after all…)

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2 thoughts on “I’m not worshipping at the Media Temple, at the moment”

  1. if I would be mediatemple customer suport I would say “we are currently working on your problems” but they would not tell you we gonna work tomorrow and after tomorrow and so on. As a customer who host 4 domains I would recommend you to start looking for someone else because today I had enough. There is no hope that mediatemple is going to get bug free soon. That what I was told by customer support supervisor “Andrew”. So why should we wait, why should we hope that maybe in next few month they will have less bugs. No I’m not going to hope. I lost to much money with my e-commerce store and I lost to much time writing and calling them each day. “mediatemple is a worst hosting provider at this moment” I am moving out and I never coming back. Customer support does nor mean stable hosting.


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