Fishing for Podcasts on AmigoFish

Mike Dunn gave On Digital Media 5 stars in his AmigoFish profile. Thanks, Mike! We’re glad you like the show.

What’s AmigoFish? It’s a recommendation engine for podcasts based on your ratings and preferences. So, as you continue to tell AmigoFish what you like (and don’t), AmigoFish will recommend other podcasts similar to your likes and dislikes.

I have to say it’s pretty accurate in my case, although it recommends a bunch of video podcasts which aren’t really practical for me. (The majority of my podcast listening time is in the car. Driving + Video Podcasts = Baaaaaadd.) 😉

Check out AmigoFish and if you like On Digital Media, be sure to give us a a few (or five) stars.

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1 thought on “Fishing for Podcasts on AmigoFish”

  1. hey john – in amigofish under predictions in the pull down that has a default of “show all” you can select only audio to get what your looking for…plus you can get rss feeds of your predictions – another great feature of the site, which was created by dave slusher of evil genius chronicles btw…


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