8 thoughts on “Much needed Moleskine upgrade”

  1. ok – that made me laugh…i can totally relate, especially when i go through back years…i do though date and tag my entries plus highlight key stuff for future reference – very anal i know but it helps…


  2. I found that leaving the first 2 pages blank and then creating a table of contents works forme. I also read where someone types theirs up in Excel, sorts by page and then alphabetically and then puts it as an index in the back of their moleskine. This is the only way I can f anything in mine.


  3. i can totally relate to you!while i love writing/sketching things in moleskine, it has accumulated over the years and all of a suddeni want to look something up in one of my older notebooks…and,i just can’t find it, or even if i do, it takes a while…maybe i should designate one for each of the different kinds ofmy note-taking? one for sketching, one for work, one forcraft ideas….BUT the problem is, that will make my bag even hearvierthan what it is now, and i may have a shoulder problem :S


  4. I used to get frustrated trying to find things until I came up with a method that works for me. My life is in moleskine notebooks, I usually work out of around 3 a time for various things (research, work books, and journals). But I am getting to the point of running one journal for everything. My wife got me a molie address book for christmas figuring I would find something useful for it. It has turned into my index. Whenever I finish a book I blow an afternoon and go through it and enter everything into the index. I have done it for around 4 books now and it is starting to get real useful.


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