MINI Platinum Visa Card

I got an offer in the mail this weekend for a MINI Platinum Visa Card. Besides being a typically well-written marketing piece from MINI, it explained a terrific offer to which I actually responded.

Here’s the cool stuff:


    The card itself will have a photo of a MINI Cooper that I actually configured – body color, roof color, mirror colors, bonnet stripes, wheels, etc. (Apparently, the process for accomplishing this is patent-pending.)

  • I can earn up to $5,000 back on the purchase or lease of a new MINI
  • I can offset excess wear-and-use charges on my MINI lease (although I’ll probably buy this car)

  • I can earn other MINI points for things like accessories, service and even Valet Miles – the local MINI dealer will pick up and drop-off my car when it requires service

(No, the MINI pictured below isn’t the one I configured – I forgot to snap a screenshot of it before I closed the browser window. Mine will be Pepper White with a black roof, black mirrors, black bonnet stripes and premium wheels.))


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