Hear This: Introducing, On Digital Media

The inaugural episode of On Digital Media has been published. Yes, it’s another podcast. But this one is special. It’s mine.


Along with myself, you’ll find my co-host, Chia-Lin Simmons where she and I dish on digital media and tangentially related technology.

In our inaugural episode we talk about:

ā€¢ AOL. Free.
ā€¢ Streaming media on the Palm 700p and what it might mean for satellite radio; EV-DO; Verizon FIOS
ā€¢ The Nokia LoudEye Acquisition
ā€¢ Closing music: Democracy by Alexander Blu as found on J15-565-3464.

Send us email feedback to comments@odmcast.com or call our comment line: 215-565-3464.

Subscribe here. Download it here. Web site here.

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