SightSpeed vs. iChat AV

So, I’m digging SightSpeed, primarily because it allows for free, high-quality video conferencing across Macs and PCs.

In my current setup, I have a new MacBook with a built-in iSight. I just bought my wife an iSight to use with her PowerBook G4. (I want to use it to say goodnight to my wife and son when I work late or am traveling on business.)

I use Adium for IM, particularly since it best supports Jabber. I really don’t want to have to switch back and forth between Adium and iChat AV in order to use the video conferencing portion of iChat, so setting my wife up with a SightSpeed account might be the answer.

That said, if the two parties are both on Macs, is iChat AV still better? I haven’t had the time to test both solutions and really can’t find much info when I google for a comparison.

Both iChat AV and SightSpeed work great with my new Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset and my wife can use my now retired ioGear Bluetooth headset (which doesn’t work with my Palm Treo 700p, but worked fine with my Treo 650. Go figure…) Speaking of my 700p, I wonder if video conferencing will work over EV-DO on the Verizon Wireless Network?…? Hmmm.

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2 thoughts on “SightSpeed vs. iChat AV”

  1. John,EVDO in current form has too slow an upload speed. That said video and VoIP both also violate the TOS you have to sign. That bites…Rev A is due out in the fall and will offer the kind of speeds that SightSpeed can use, but again with the current TOS you can’t legally use Video or VoIP.


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