Summer Vacation Moments: Jokes at the Lake

We had a great day today on our family vacation. We’re at my family’s place in Union Dale, PA, at the base of Elk Mountain. Usually, there’s not a net connection to be found, but this year? Three open access points! Gotta love it.

My wife said, “Honey, we should start a document to capture all the things he’s been saying on vacation,” to which I responded, “Blog!”

Today we went to the lake and spent a few hours at the beach. We took a peddle boat out for a ride and went all around the lake. Of all the things that could impress him about the boat ride, he ended up asking a thousand questions about the “green stuff in the water.” (Algae) Go figure.

While playing on the beach, he suggested that we all go to the edge of the dock (him, me and his mom), put our feet in the water and tell jokes. I have no idea where a 3.5 year-old gets these ideas, but we did it.

Keep in mind, we were instructed that we had to make up our own jokes. Imagine a child that age trying to make up jokes. Most of the time, there was no punch line. It was just “What did one fish say to the other fish?” And then he’d burst out laughing. (With us along with him.)

When his jokes actually had a punchline, it was always “Pizza Gift!” or “Fishing Gift!’. (I have no idea what he’s referring to. He’s the mastermind, I’m just the family historian with the blog…)

This, of course, was after spending two hours at the park and another hour or so in the Arts & Crafts center that they have set up for the kids.

He ate a meal the size of which I’ve never seen him eat and after dinner, he and I proceeded upstairs for StoryTime. By the time I reached the third book, it was like reading stories to a drunk – he was so tired, I nearly had to carry him to bed.

Finally, as I was tiptoeing out of his room, he asked me to “snuggle” which basically means he wants me to lay down with him until he falls asleep. He makes this request a couple of times a week and I’m happy to oblige him, on occasion. After two-hours of silence, my wife decided it was time to wake me for dinner. I guess he wasn’t the only one who had fun at the lake.

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