The Conversations Network Goes Giga with For-Profit Partner Company

If you’re a member of the Conversations Network, then you probably received a special announcement from Doug Kaye last night.

The Conversations Network will now have a for-profit arm called GigaVox Media. Doug Kaye will take on the role of CTO while the CEO will be none of other than Mr. Podcast Solutions himself, Michael Geoghegan.

What’s a GigaVox?

Here’s an excerpt from Doug’s message:

GigaVox Media and The Conversations Network will do many similar things. At the very least, both companies will produce podcasts of spoken-word events as we’ve done for these past three years. IT Conversations, the Podcast Academy and some new channels such as Open Source Conversations (launching next month) will join GigaVox Media where they can flourish thanks to the support of commercial sponsorships. The Conversations Network will continue to be the home of Social Innovation Conversations and other channels better suited to the non-profit world. Both companies will expand independently into additional areas, as you’ll hear about in the weeks and months to come.

Congratulations Doug and Michael. I’m looking forward to what you’ll build together.

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