Gnomedex Discussion Leader: Dave Dederer

Dave Dederer

Business models for artists

Touring provides the greatest amount of control. A significant number of artists generate cash by performing at corporate functions.

Control of the master recordings are being owned more and more by artists.

Performance royalties by ASCAP and BMI.

Merchandise. A lot of artists make a large part of their profit from merchandise.

How and when will music people get it and how can we help them?

IODA just did a deal with The Harry Fox Agency. IODAPromonet allows bloggers and podcasters to play and promote music from independent artists. 12,000 tracks and 2500 independent labels.

Eventful Demand (from enables people to organize events and get artists to come to their town.

Dave is working with Melodeo on their advisory board.

What exactly does the label do for you except take your money?

Dave: “We made a lot of money and they made a lot more. Distribution and promotion was the key. Without a partner capitalized like Sony Music, it never would have happened.”

“Anybody can be a store to monetize music.”

What’s the end game?

Dave: “The online music business is at 1/2 percent of its potential.”

Ethan Kaplan, Warner Brothers Music: “We nurture talent. We distribute talent. We market talent.”

Companies mentioned: YouTube, Apple iTunes, Sony Music

UPDATE: MindJet MindMap is here.

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