Don Loeb’s presentation from the Corporate Podcasting Summit

Don Loeb from FeedBurner posted his slides from our panel discussion at The Corporate Podcasting Summit last week on his blog. My favorite tidbit (which is really the premise of his presentation) is related to the consumption patterns outside of iTunes:

besides detailing how to create a podcast using feedburner, i focused on how content consumption patterns are changing. in particular, while itunes has over 50 percent of the market, the other ways to consume podcast/vidcasts are growing quickly. consumption in RSS readers, directories, and directly off of websites w/o the use of a mp3 player, etc. is becoming quite common. across all of our podcasts, we’re seeing a 2:1 ratio for downloads to subscribers, suggesting that this “secondary market” is real.

This is something that requires our attention, folks. Particularly as podcasting moves more mainstream.

Still waiting for Paul Colligan to post his slides…

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