My Presentation from the Corporate Podcasting Summit

As promised, here are the slides from my presentation at the Corporate Podcasting Summit. Paul Colligan is going to make his slides available on his blog and I’m hoping that Don Loeb from FeedBurner will do the same. The audio will available on IT Conversations in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Dana Gardner for contributing and keeping things on track (especially with the odd scheduling snafu).

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1 thought on “My Presentation from the Corporate Podcasting Summit”

  1. Hi John,I’m the Executive Director of AttentionTrust. Thanks for the mention, but I wanted to clarify that although there’s a connection between AttentionTrust and attention.xml, our Attention Recorder actually runs on AttentionDataXML, an entirely different standards. Further thoughts on your post on <a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>AttentionTrust’s blog. Thanks again–Ed Batista


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