My Wife”s New Powerbook Rig

I seem to have Powerbooks and MacBooks on the brain lately. Anyway…

My wife has been a semi-professional photographer for almost 10 years now and she’s decided that she needs a proper photographer’s Mac. So as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m going to give her my 15″ Powerbook and get myself a MacBook.

To go with her Powerbook, I also got her a new 20″ Acer AL2016W widescreen display. I got an excellent deal on it at It doesn’t have DVI inputs (I thought it did. I was a bit too quick with the buy button) but regardless, it works and looks great. (I may have to get one for myself….)

My wife's new Powerbook rig

That’s my M$ Natural Keyboard, which she hates. I’ll have to get her an Apple Keyboard with the proper keyboard controls.

Notice that the Powerbook is raised up. I found some great aluminum paper trays (used as “in” and “out” boxes on your desk) at Target that I flipped upside down. Not only does it raise the display of the machine, but it makes for a great heat sink. That’ll come in especially handy for my MacBook.

I wonder if it will make the TUAW “Rig of the Day”


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