Profcast: It’s not just for professors

Apparently this has been around for awhile, but I’ve just discovered Profcast. It appears to be a very cool application that creates video files with synchronized audio from Powerpoint or Keynote presentations. It even generates RSS feeds.

While it was created with the education market in mind, I can see this having broad usage amongst corporations, conference producers and anyone who wants to quickly and easily create enhanced podcasts.

From the site:

ProfCast is the ideal tool for recording and publishing your live Keynote or PowerPoint presentation. All elements of your presentation, including slide timing and voice narration, are recorded. You can then publish your complete presentation on the Web as a Podcast, complete with RSS support.

o Live Presentation Recording
o Synchronized Slides with Audio
o RSS Generation for Podcasting
o Publishing support via FTP, SFTP and .Mac
o Integration with GarageBand 3
o Integration with iWeb
o Support for Audio Playthrough
o File Size Control

Only available for OS X. The full feature list is here.

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