IMA Conference: Next Steps to Secure a Public Service Platform

Next Steps:

  1. Encourage development of a large-scale traffic goal (meet traffic to by 06/07)
  2. Encourage strong station support for consolidate metrics, and the development of r”report cards: that would give stations concise, usable summaries of their performance and progress.
  3. Encourage contact with major metrics services, especially Nielsen//NetRatings, to include more online traffic from the public broadcasting site under a composite listing.
  4. Encourage careful consideration of the emerging platforms to be presented and leading to a set of constructive steps to develop strategies based on those platforms.
  5. If appropriate, encourage participants to explore the issues raised in the “MLB” approach to determine if there is sufficient interest to warrant full-scale planning.
  6. Channel conference discussion and recommendations into the NPR New Realities project and similar activity with PBS/PTV

Initiatives from the group:

  • Constraints of time, resources; need central repository (podcasts, etc.)
  • Entity for coordinating & aggregating efforts (e.g. MLB). Who will that be?
  • Shared scripting platform for code folks
  • Aggregate RSS data to display network & station initiatives
  • ‘’ idea
  • Centralized way to use outlet opportunities (video & audio assets); how can we do this better collectively?
  • Tim Olson: how about a system that offers a central repository for content, then transcode content to distribute to appropriate outlet
  • Focus on content, not distribution platforms
  • What’s the next step for podcasting? Subscription?

Why do we need to compete with Is it ego, fundraising, or other?

What’s the brand or identity going to be for public media? Maybe see something like the BBC in the U.S.

We need numbers to raise money, and everybody wants money.

IMA Objective #2: Consolidate Metrics & Reporting

Can open doors for underwriters, foundations; demonstrate power of whole system

IMA Objective #3: Contact with metrics services, composite listings

ComScore & Nielsen//Netratings are objective third party panel-based methodologies. The value back to the system is that they can report a system-wide number.

Need equivalent of radio AudiGraphics reports covering web usage trends, data that can lead to actionable results.

Radio analogy: in early 80’s, public radio questioned whether they should even count listeners for fear of being too commercial.

IMA Objective #4: Encourage careful consideration of the emerging platforms

Do we go individually? Do we go collectively?

“When the barriers to entry into our market are very low, we should be impatient with process.”

Platforms: on-demand is happening; mobile casting is coming; wimax will change everything.

We don’t have a place for all of us to share information about these new platforms. IMA should provide a “space” for this information. (IMA has it, but it’s quiet.)

Sharing of knowledge will allow us to succeed.

When you get practical services right, usage of those services explode.

Keep rolling out new features; be fluid; dynamic.

“The division of free and paid services is the hardest part to get right. It’s just starting to make sense – more art than science. You have to experiment. If we had a tax basis like the BBC, we could make it all free – but we don’t. We have to figure out how to create revenue to support programming. The revenue sharing component is the real change of culture in this environment. Automated revenue sharing is the future, but complicated. Just getting recurring billing to work was a challenge. It’s going to take an awful lot of diplomatic work. Securing a new revenue base for the system is an important mission.”

What’s the bright line between serving large markets vs. smaller markets?

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