Quotes from the Syndicate Conference, Day Two

Media RSS & Podcasting

“If you’re not in the remix, you’re not going to get the attention.”
— David Sifry, Co-founder & CEO, Technorati (As cited by David Berlind, Executive Editor, ZDNet)

“The rig has changed from podcast-to-podcast in search of the best possible sound quality, but also at the lowest possible cost.”
— David Berlind, Executive Editor, ZDNet

“The tolerance level of the audio quality of a podcast depends on the content payload.”
— Mike Dunn, CTO, Hearst(Paraphrased)

1 thought on “Quotes from the Syndicate Conference, Day Two”

  1. you know john, i keep forgetting to relearn the words i chose when speaking about this stuff…but everytime i hear doc talk – i’m reminded that i really need to teach this old dog a new trick or two…so i used “content” = packing guts & “payload” = a military term: both to describe the creativity and story that is contained in a podcast…man do i feel shame – this lexicon stuff is hard but i’ll learn doc, i will :-p


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