Infinity Moves Station to “All-Podcast” Format

On May 16th, Infinity Broadcasting intends to move KYCY AM in San Francisco to an “all-podcast” format and call it KYOUradio.

Does that mean they’re taking the station off the air and moving to purely podcasted distribution model?

Not at all. In fact, they won’t even be podcasting.

The YOU in KYOUradio means that podcasters and would-be radio personalities will be able to upload audio shows and segments. The content will be screened for acceptable quality and content and the best will be simultaneously aired on the terrestrial broadcast while streamed on

The company will absorb the cost of music licensing, so that producers can use coyrighted music in their audio content.

Will there be downloadable, time-shifted versions of this content?

In part because of licensing requirements, which usually cover only broadcast and streaming, the company has no plans to provide downloadable program archives.

Licensing? What about the shows that don’t include copyrighted music? Why not make those available via RSS?

It would appear that Infinity is attempting to position themselves to the podcasting community as “podcaster-friendly” and perhaps even supportive of the media phenomenon.

In reality, it’s a way form them to get free content from budding radio personalities while capitalizing on the latest media buzzword.

Many people (including myself) expect that Infinity will soon embrace this new distribution channel and figure out how to make it successful for the company. Until then, we’ll keep waiting.

[via Wired]

2 thoughts on “Infinity Moves Station to “All-Podcast” Format”

  1. concur john – w/out the rss/enclosures/podcasts going “outbound”, they are just trying to appear to jump on the bandwagon to garner “inbound &free” content…remember the early days of the web, especially pre-bubble, when every business plan was edited to include the buzzwords: web, ecommerce, internet or intranet – that’s what this is…


  2. Great minds thinking alike? A little while ago I posted my latest Pop Culture Rant. One topic I touch on is “Fodcasting” as in fake podcasting. My term for organizations who say they’re podcasting but don’t have any RSS enabling the content. I saw the press release earlier today, took a spin over to the site and within a couple of minutes I could see that they were simply blowing smoke.


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